A basic estimate is free from using this chart, however preparation of comprehensive sketches requires quite  a bit of research on my part--as well as using a lot of computer-printer's ink, so I charge a $200 non-refundable sketch-fee to prepare sketches, deductible from the total fee.  Prices for murals are variable depending on surface of walls, height, and many other factors...and do not include scaffold or travel/lodging expenses, should they apply.  (you may print this chart 'landscape').   


Type A
Cartoonish  Juvenile
Type B
Stylized/Graphic Decor
Type C
Realistic  Low Detail
Type D
Realistic  High Detail

Under 15

$25/SQ. FT.

$35/SQ. FT.
ceiling work = 1 X sq. ft. cost

$70/SQ. FT.

$85/SQ. FT.


$20/SQ. FT. $30/SQ. FT. $65/SQ. FT. $80/SQ. FT.
$14/SQ. FT. $25/SQ. FT. $50/SQ. FT. $75/SQ. FT.
$12/SQ. FT. $20/SQ. FT. $40/SQ. FT. $70/SQ. FT.
Over 125 SQ. FT. $10/SQ. FT. $15/SQ. FT. $30/SQ. FT. $55-65/SQ. FT.

Using the bunny vignettes as an example, there is a minimum cost of $400 for just one vignette (of any type) to be done on canvas or paper, and $500 minimum to be painted on-site.

Type B includes also the Children's "Hot Air Balloons", as they have more detail than simple cartoonish figures.  Also the 'Banana Leaf' design is a good example of stylized graphics.  MEDALLION:  Ceiling work is 1 times price of wall work.

Garden scenes, land-scapes, & animals;  more detailed child rooms, such as fairies, castles, & unicorns, would be Type C or D, depending on density.

High detail consists of buildings, any architectural struc-tures, cars, ships, and human figures, as well as detailed animal figures.

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